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HQW (1293)

Tandruk Money Hook Dzi

SKU: HQW1293
To attract strong wealth and money. Ability to retain.
RM 1,936.00
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  • By Dzi Families
    Tandruk Dzi
  • By Dzi Functions
    Wealth & Money
  • Oleh Harga Dzi
    RM1,000.00 - RM1,999.99
  • Looks like a figure S. It is believed that the lucky S hook will bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to its owner. It will enhance its owner's ability to accumulate wealth by crystallizing money-making opportunities for him. More importantly, it also will ensure that the wealth will be retained within his control and not slip away.

    Diameter: 11.6 mm
    Length: 36.9 mm

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